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Curriculum Vitae

VIATRIO ENGINEERS is an engineering office. It was established in the Canary Islands with the clear objective of undertaking projects on Ports and Coasts, and Hydraulic Infrastructures. We are an independent consulting office and our priorities are the technical aspects of projects, design and environment.

Luis Santana and Javier Martínez, both Civil Engineers, established the firm's main aim to carry out complex projects, technically innovative, which will meet the needs of the islands.

ursuing this approach, during the first four years, the projects undertaken followed the fixed objective consolidating in this way VIATRIO specialized experience. In 2002, VIATRIO scope of activities extended to other fields after the inclusion of new experts in our team. Nowadays, VIATRIO ENGINEERS activities not only take place in the Harbour and Coasts, and Hydraulics fields, but it has spread its scope of activities to other areas such as : Natural Resources Management Survey, Management Plans, Urban Planning, Instalment Projects, Roads and Connection Routes, Construction Management, Economic Viability Studies, etc. The growth and the diversification of these activities allow VIATRIO ENGINEERS to play an important role in the most outstanding projects taking place in the Canary Islands.

Harbours and Marine Work


This firm originated in the Canary Islands which a setting in which maritime connections with the nearby continents, other neighbouring archipelagos and mainland Spain are logically fundamental for the development of the islands. On the other hand, South America, Africa and Europe find in these archipelagos a joining link; therefore, it is essential that the harbour development meets a competitive level for its utter exploitation so as to achieve the development of our economy.

VIATRIO ENGINEERS relies on a broadly experienced team in the field of Harbour Engineering. If we take into account that the harbour technique is the most complex engineering technique within the current engineering areas,- it requires the greatest degree of experience for its correct fulfilment-, we can assert that this factor is one of the most significant details to have into consideration when it comes to assess this firm in all its action fields.

The activities developed in this line are as extensive as complete:

  •    Harbour planning
  •    Harbour and marine work projects
  •    Integral coastal engineering
  •    Integral marine building works management.
  •    Harbour operation management.
  •    Technical management and supervision.